Feeling Before Thought

“Since Feeling is First”
-E.E. Commings

Guest curated by Josie White and Taylor Maguire, “Feeling Before Thought” aims to explore the intense emotional responses before reason sets in. Our logical reactions are secondary to this instinctual, emotional effect. All the artists in this show have been selected for their talent in capturing our shared existence and their pieces in this collection are a reflection of the large spectrum and deep capacity of the human experience, whether it be joyous, miserable, or otherwise.

Featuring artists Bailey Hatcher, Chris Haggqvist, Emily Larsen, Hank Mattson, Jenna Rogan, Jeovanni Xoumphonphackdy, Karl Liechty, Kylie Lanktree, Llyod Knowles, Monica Henrie, Rick Avalos, Sage Paterson, Steve Rasmussen, and Victoria Lee.
The show will hang January 7th through February 2nd

Please join us for gallery stroll reception on January 17th from 7-9pm, featuring live music from Moriah Glazier.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Gallery Stroll

Feeling Before Thought reception will be on January 17th from 6-9pm