Submission FAQ


Q: Can I apply to more than one exhibit/call?

A: Yes, you may apply to as many as you want.

Q: Do you only accept artists from Utah?

A: We prioritize showcasing local artists, but we do occasionally feature artists from other states. If you are from another state and are accepted to show with us, you’ll be responsible for shipping your art to and from the gallery (prepaid return labels must be included with your shipment).

Q: Is there a specific theme or style you’re looking for?

A: Artists can apply to monthly exhibits with pre-chosen themes, if their work is appropriate for that theme. Artists can also apply as a general individual artist, in which case they can submit work of any style/subject/media they want, and we’ll see if there’s a space for it. In other words, we’re a very eclectic gallery, and we accept submissions of a wide variety of themes and styles.

Q: Why does the submission form ask if I’m a member of an underrepresented community?

A: Despite our efforts to be as inclusive as possible, we’ve still found that we’re not representing certain communities in the gallery as well as we’d like. This question is simply an attempt to be more aware of who we’re reaching, and making sure we give as many opportunities to these communities as we can.

If you are not a member of an underrepresented community, don’t worry. You won’t be prevented from participating on those grounds alone.

Q: Why does the submission form ask for my city of residence?

A: Since we want to support and promote local artists as much as possible, it’s helpful for us to know where you’re based. Even if you’re from another state, your location won’t necessarily disqualify you from showing your art with us. It simply helps us make a more informed decision about our artist rosters.

Q: How can I get into one of the featured alcoves?

A: Our featured alcoves are considered part of our boutique section, and are filled by invitation only. The first step towards occupying an alcove would be to apply to become a new boutique artist

Q: I’m already a boutique artist. Do I need to apply again?

A: No, we’re already familiar with your work. If you have a brand new line of products that we’ve never seen before, go ahead and apply with those.