“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. “ -Chuang Tzu

“Flow” is the name we give to that mysterious place of pure creativity, of perfect harmony between impulse and action. Throughout March, Urban Arts Gallery is featuring local artists who create abstract work from that elusive space, and the result is a mesmerizing array of swirling colors, fluid patterns, and unfiltered emotions.

Featured artists include 3rdigemineye, Adam Hoffman, Amy Gillespie, Anna Martin, Austyn Victoria, Beki Tobiasson, Christina Levi, Claire Steele, Debbie Joplin, Garrett Phillips, Howard S. Clark, Jeremy Fagergren, Katie Felgar, Krystal Meldrum, Lisa Draper, Maryann Paradise, Matthew Griffiths, Mindi_2.0, and Tyler Pierce.

“Flow” will hang from March 3 – 29, with a gallery stroll reception on Friday, March 20th from 6-9pm. Admission is free and open to the public.