Animalia 2020

The Beauty of the Beast

“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.” -Trisha McCagh

Throughout the month of July, the walls of Urban Arts Gallery will be adorned with art celebrating the diverse beauty of animal life on Earth. This exhibit features a large group of skilled and talented local artists, exploring the animal kingdom in a wide range of styles and techniques. The result is a fascinating, colorful, and inspiring collection of beautiful artwork for the whole family.

Featured artists include Alex Gregory, Candace Jean, Chrystal Brower, Halley Bruno, Heather Olsen, Holly Sagendorf, Jaime Reynolds, Jessica Ahlborn, Jessica Douglas, Kenny Pittman, Madelyn Boudreaux, Miguel Galaz, Natasha Hoffman, Ngoc-Minh Anderson, Raynola Dominguez, Ronnie Hansen, Rosemarie Dunn, Sarah Winkler, Shanna Stott, Stacy Tonozzi, Todd Powelson, Trevor Dahl, Vanessa Colunga, and Valkyrie Johnson.

“Animalia 2020” will hang from June 30th to August 2nd