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“Although I know it’s unfair I reveal myself one mask at a time.” -Stephen Dunn

The art of the mask: The mask is one of the most basic and recognizable of all art forms, used for centuries from ancient Greek theater to sacred ceremonies to Halloween parties. Masks have long been central to religious rituals, serving as tools of transformation and bridges to the spirit world. They have been used by soldiers and celebrators of Lent, astronauts, action heroes, hockey players, fencers, firefighters and welders.

Guest curated by Vincent Mattina, “Spirit in Disguise” is a broad representation of the mask in all its forms, including sculptures, mixed media, and digital art. The intention of the exhibit is to reveal the many disguises of the creator’s spirit, just as our own faces do. Myths and stories begin with concrete experience and evolve into cultural symbols which connect our human lives with the life of the spirit. The mask, when approached with respect for ourselves, can show us our inherent powers of vision and the greater patterns of meaning in our lives. It can also be representative of the public mask we present to others and what we hide behind. Your own mask can reveal to others an entire personal mythology.

“Spirit in Disguise” will hang from October 5th to October 31st, with a gallery stroll reception on Friday, October 15th from 6-9pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

The Urban Arts Gallery is open.

We hope that our opening will be a healthy step towards normalcy for our community, and will provide much needed support for local artists who have been affected by the pandemic.
However, we recognize that the battle with COVID-19 is far from over, and we’re determined to respond to the crisis with thoughtful care. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our staff and customers; as such, we’ll be implementing some new policies and procedures in our facility.
  1. Staff and customers must wear masks while in the Urban Arts Gallery.
    We’ll have Utah Arts Alliance face masks available for sale for any customers who don’t have their own mask.
  2. Gallery staff may limit entry at any time.
    Our space is large, so most of the time it should be easy to respect 10 feet of social distancing while in the gallery. However, if this becomes a concern, customers may be asked to wait outside until others exit.
  3. Staff members may enact further precautionary policies if it becomes necessary.
    The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and we continue to learn better ways to ensure our health and safety. The gallery staff may add to or amend our list of policies as we see fit.
Of course, if you are continuing to practice social distancing, we encourage you to visit our online store! Now you can buy art from the safety of your home.

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