We are currently accepting submissions for our annual exhibit “Star Wars / Heroes and Villains”. Submissions are due by April 24th by midnight.

What We’re Looking For

“Star Wars / Heroes and Villains” is a collection of fan art from the Star Wars universe and beyond. That means that you may submit fan art from franchises other than Star Wars. Some other acceptable options include: Marvel, DC Comics, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Rick & Morty, and more.

We’re only accepting FAN art for this exhibit. This means that there should be some reference to a piece of pop/geek culture in each piece.

How to Submit

To submit, email images of your work to staff@utaharts.org . Please include the following information about your work:

-Your name


-Medium (such as “oil”, “acrylics”, “watercolors”, “mixed media”, etc.)

-Dimensions (if your piece is framed, include the total outer dimensions)


Important Dates

Submissions are due by April 24th by midnight. Late submissions will not be accepted.

-If accepted, art must be delivered to the gallery, ready-to-hang, by Sunday, April 28th by 5:30 pm at the very latest. Late work will not be accepted.

-“Star Wars / Heroes and Villains” will hang from April 30th to June 2nd.


Q: Does art have to be for sale?

A: We prefer art be for sale, but you may also list pieces as “NFS” or “not for sale”.

Q: How many pieces can I submit?

A: You may submit as many as you’d like. The total number that will be included in the show, however, will depend on the overall number of accepted submissions, and the sizes of the other art pieces that are accepted.

Q: Is ______ an okay franchise for this exhibit?

A: We can accept art from a wide variety of franchises. If you’re unsure whether your work is appropriate, email us at staff@utaharts.org and we can figure it out together.

Q: Are there any rules for art in your gallery?

A: The short answer is no. However, we ask that you treat controversial subject matter with good taste. We are located inside a public, family-friendly mall, and as such we reserve the right to reject work that we feel is overly offensive in any way.

Q: Do you only accept artists from Utah?

A: No. If you are from out of state, and if your work is accepted, you will be responsible for shipping charges. It will be your responsibility to ensure that your work arrives to the gallery by April 28th. You must also include a return shipping label with your package. Urban Arts Gallery can NOT guarantee that your work will sell.

Q: What do you mean by “ready-to-hang”?

A: Your art should be equipped and ready to be safely hung on a wall (or displayed on a pedestal, for sculptures). Wall art should have wires or hanging hardware installed. No loose paper or flat panels without hardware. Stretched canvases are okay, as long as the sides are painted.