“Take life’s trials and turn them into tricks.” –Anonymous

Continuing an annual tradition, Urban Arts Gallery presents “The 9th Annual Skate Deck Challenge”, a vibrant and diverse collection of artwork made with blank skate decks. Local artists are invited to submit artwork—the only rule is that it must be made with a blank skate deck! The result is a colorful and delightful glimpse into the endless creativity of Salt Lake City.

This show will hang September 3rd through September 29th, with a gallery stroll reception on September 20th from 6-9pm. Admission is free and open to the public.


(to inquire about purchasing a deck, please email us at

“Single: D.A.N.C.E.
Do the dance, do the dance
The way you move is a mystery
Do the dance
You’re always there for music and me”
by Being2

“Sail or Die!”, assemblage, by Vincent Mattina. $695

“Guide”, acrylic, by Ian Engelhard. $80

“1970”, mixed media, by Daniel Ramjoue’. $950

“Moonlight Sonata”, mixed media, by Scott Tuckfield and Melissa Keegan. $450

“Honeycrisp”, woodworking, by Joe Drury. $250

“Into the Void”, acrylic, by Jenna Louise Rogan. $500

“Pitbull”, mixed media, by Rich Wilson. NFS

“Concrete Wave”, acrylic and assemblage, by Hank Mattson. $400

“Iguana”, spray paint & acrylics, by Monroe Ferguson. $175

“Untitled”, mixed media, by Henry Tanaka. $200

“Shark Puppies”, acrylic, by Shanna R. Stott. $450

“Screw-board”, mixed media, by Brian Hennesy. $450

“Gum Balls in the Sky with Sparkles”, mixed media, Karlyn Salazar. $500

“Angel of Death”, mixed media, by Ariel Chu-Jon. $600

“Geode Skateboard”, resin, glass, gems, and acrylic, by Lilit Connelly. $400

“Bloom”, mixed media, by Tara Gebheim. $800

To inquire about purchasing a deck, please email us at