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What might a self portrait express if it discarded the requirement to represent the physical person of the artist, and instead delved into other aspects of self? In June, local artists will illuminate the invisible self through a wide variety of media and techniques. This insightful, original exhibit is one you won’t want to miss. Guest curated by Namon Bills. Featuring work by Andrea Koehler, Brian Christensen, Carrie Beeke, Cassandra Yerkes, Clint Whiting, David Baddley, Emily Larsen Boothe, Jayden Hellewell, Linnie Brown, Margaret Tarampi, Marie Aufrere, Matt Madsen, Merrill Hutchison, Namon Bills, Nicola Macdonald, Sara Doelle, Tyler Pack, Victoria Lee, Amanda Hansen, and Anna Gilliam.

This show will hang from June 6th to July 2nd, with a gallery stroll reception on June 16th.

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