“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” –Oscar Levant


The artists behind “Divine Delirium” boldly dove into the deep end of the inspiration pool and resurfaced with surreal, otherworldly, and dreamlike pieces of art to share with the world. Simultaneously whimsical and heartfelt, provocative and playful, our October exhibit is a unique and compelling adventure through the wilder realms of the imagination.

Featured artists include: Alexander Hofstetter, Andi Olsen, Caitlin Hawker, Emma Goldgar, Ivan Ramos, Jenna Rogan, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge, John Larsen, Joshua Baldi, Kemp O’Brian, Kurt Beswick, Madi Mekkelson, Matt Jones, Michael Fahl, Sarah Larsen, Scott Tuckfield, Steve Stones, Todd Powelson, Vanessa Colunga, and Yazmine Tatiana.

The show will hang October 1st through November 3rd, with a gallery stroll reception on October 18th from 6-9pm. Admission is free and open to the public.


(to inquire about purchasing any of these pieces, please contact us at staff@utaharts.org)

“I Woke Trembling”, acrylics on canvas, 36″x72″, by Kemp O’Brian. $4,000

“Her Veins Pulse Saltwater”, acrylics on canvas, 30″x48″, by Emma Goldgar. $2,900

“Doorways to the Past”, digital (metal print), 40″x80″, by Kurt Beswick. $2,500

“Careful What You Wish For”, collage on canvas, 11″x14″, by Steve D. Stones. $80

“The Wandering Willow III: Reunion”, acrylics on canvas, 24″x48″, by Scott Tuckfield. $4,000

“Merica”, oil & acrylic on canvas, 36″x48″, by Jenna Louise Rogan. $3,500

“Virtual Reality”, assemblage, 39″x15″x14″, by Andi Olsen. $3,200

“St. Louis Exorcism”, mixed media, 9″x9″x9″, by Matthew G. Jones. $1,200

“Allegory of an Archangel”, acrylics, 56″x67″, by Michael Fahl. $2,000

“Guardians – Hybrids”, oil on paper, 47″x38″, by Jiyoun Lee-Lodge. $2,400

“In Illo Tempore. W.”, oil and metal leaf, 9″x12″, by Alexander Hofstetter. $550

“The Hunter”, acrylic and fountain pen, 20″x20″, by Caitlin Hawker. $200

“Mr. Skulltula”, epoxy resin, 8″x13″x6″, by Joshua Baldi aka Candy Dagger. $200

“St. Aloofnavara”, mixed media, 4″x6″, by Madi Mekkelson aka February Filth. $100

“Time Keeper”, acrylics/spray paint/gold oil paint/coffee grounds, 46″x30″, by Ivan Ramos. $600

“Slow Death”, acrylics, 8″x10″, by Vanessa Colunga. $145

“Alive with Moonlight”, digital, 18″x24″, by Todd Powelson. $325

“Wizards Tower”, mixed media, 11″x14″x12″, by John Larsen. NFS

“Delirium”, acrylics, 20″x24″, by Sarah Larsen aka InciteCity Art. $250

(to inquire about purchasing any of these pieces, please contact us at staff@utaharts.org)